An Induction Solution For An Old Friend

boring training induction

A common challenge faced by many of our clients was highlighted by an interesting discussion I had with an old friend (by the name of Greg) recently. Knowing we specialised in workplace health and safety videos, Greg targeted me at a dinner party to complain about his company’s new employee … Continue reading

Preparing For Your Next Corporate Video Production


Our clients constantly remind us that video is their most efficient and effective means of communicating their message in and out of their workplaces. It’s ability to provide consistency in the information it delivers, the engagement factor, and online accessibility, also makes it a very cost-effective solution. But whatever your … Continue reading

Training Videos: Custom Produce or Off-the-shelf?


Many clients call in wanting a training video that can be shown to new employees when they begin work or to existing staff as refresher training. There are significant advantages of incorporating video into your staff training and inductions; such as a continuity of message, higher engagement, and the saving … Continue reading

Website Video Production – “What’s in it for me?”

Quite often clients ask how video can be best used for the promotion and marketing of an their services and or products. In the past discussion would naturally revolve around the production of a corporate DVD or perhaps a television commercial. Nowadays, a typical project will also involve the production … Continue reading