Online Training Videos on Your Company Intranet

Can we upload your videos onto our company intranet? What’s involved? What’s the cost?

All great questions that get asked of us time and time again. And they’re all valid questions, as the many benefits of utilising online video for staff training and inductions, are being realised more than ever before.

Uploading Online Video

Channel 1 training videos can be easily uploaded to your company’s intranet

And of course we love questions we can provide a big, fat “yes” to.

Any of our ‘off the shelf’ training video titles can be supplied in an electronic format (windows media, mp4, flash video etc) for upload to your company’s intranet, learning management system or online training platform.

We simply supply the files with an electronic licence, which allows you and your organisation unrestricted use of the video file within the organisation. Alleviating any copyright concerns you may have.

The licence is usually a one-off investment, and either based on the number of staff accessing the video online, or number of locations.

With an online licence, your company logo will be embedded into the start of the video, providing that ‘made for us’ feel. However, as with all Channel 1 training programs, the content can be tailored to suit specific requirements.

As with our DVD format, the video files also come with support notes and assessments.

So there you have it. A fairly simple process for acquiring Channel 1 training programs ready for online application.

To get better idea of licensing costs, or to find out more on a particular topic or title, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I am searching to develop a video training solution to train our users in using a new system. Do you provide this type fos ervice?

  2. Your online training video is really very useful for shoot Corporate video for business marketing…..I am looking for these types of information from long time.

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