Online Training in 2013

2013 looms as a big year for online training.

Whilst many of our clients are already enjoying the benefits of online access to their staff training and induction programs, many more are now exploring the ways they can go about it.

The benefits are obvious.

  • New staff can be inducted off site IMG_5800-Editand ‘hit the ground running’
  • Existing staff can be trained at a time or place that is mutually convenient
  • Online training resources can be accessed immediately from any computer
  • An automatic and important “paper trail” to let everyone know that the training has taken place

As against video only training, where often, companies have to distribute multiple copies of a DVD to different locations.

There are however several factors that will determine whether online training is a viable and cost-effective solution for you:

  • The size and structure of your organisation
  • Your specific training requirements and goals
  • The resources at your disposal

If online training is the best way forward, these same factors will also determine how you would go about it, particularly from an IT perspective. For example, decisions will be made as to whether you opt for a hosted solution, or if you have the online infrastructure available to host everything internally.

Most importantly, it then comes down to finding a program that will best meet your training requirements.

This year at Channel 1, we’ll continue to offer cost-effective online licencing for our suite of training video titles.

Perhaps more exciting is that we’re building on our range of eVids online training programs (video e-learning).

And with that, the ability to tailor a program exactly to your needs – we’re sensing this will be the theme for 2013. Bring it on!

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