Benefits of Video To Communicate Workplace Safety

More than ever before, occupational health and safety has become a major priority in almost every Australian workplace. It has become the mantra for many government-advertising campaigns that “every employee has the right to return home safely” and how ” it is the responsibility of both employers and employees to … Continue reading

Training Videos: Custom Produce or Off-the-shelf?


Many clients call in wanting a training video that can be shown to new employees when they begin work or to existing staff as refresher training. There are significant advantages of incorporating video into your staff training and inductions; such as a continuity of message, higher engagement, and the saving of … Continue reading

Consequences Of A Safety Training Video Edit

As an editor of workplace safety training videos, part of the enjoyment and challenge that comes with it is seeing how far we can test the creative boundaries to ensure that the final product is engaging, yet still communicates the intended message effectively. Casting my mind back to 2008, a … Continue reading