An Induction Solution For An Old Friend

boring training induction

A common challenge faced by many of our clients was highlighted by an interesting discussion I had with an old friend (by the name of Greg) recently. Knowing we specialised in workplace health and safety videos, Greg targeted me at a dinner party to complain about his company’s new employee … Continue reading

Online Training Videos on Your Company Intranet

Uploading Online Video

Can we upload your videos onto our company intranet? What’s involved? What’s the cost? All great questions that get asked of us time and time again. And they’re all valid questions, as the many benefits of utilising online video for staff training and inductions, are being realised more than ever … Continue reading

Learning From Experience


Have you ever stopped to think about how much combined knowledge your team possesses? This collective experience is often treated as a wasted resource in many organisations and training situations. There are undoubted benefits of using videos and DVDs to train staff. They are a resource that can be used time … Continue reading

Is The Customer The Most Important Person In Your Organisation?

After having worked in the retail industry for many years as a sales assistant, it eventually dawned on me how easy it is to become complacent about customers approaching you for their business. Interestingly, it took a company I worked for to become insolvent to realise that the reason that … Continue reading